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Authenticated Signatures of hundreds of major Hollywood Stars can be found on Character and Publicity Photos;
already matted for easy framing! These are not photographs of signatures.
These great shots all have actual signatures written on the photo by the person/s pictured! Guaranteed.

Hollywood North has a wonderful selection. Everyone from Arnold in the Terminator to Whoopie in Star Trek:TNG,
all with highly prized, collectable signatures.

Photo Majel Barrett Roddenberry

Wife of Star Trek creator, the late Gene Roddenberry, Ms. Barrett is the only actor to bridge the complete Star Trek time line.
"The First Lady of Star Trek" appeared in the Original Star Trek TV Pilot as "Number 2",
and in the Original TV series as "Nurse Chappel", as well as Star Trek: the Motion Picture as "Dr. Chappel",
and appears in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.
In addition Majel plays "Luaxanna Troi" of Betazed in both series; Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space 9
and she is also the "Voice" of the Enterprise and Voyager Computers.

Star Trek Characters are only one genre of the hundreds of Authenticated Autographed Photos available from Hollywood North!

A Signature is a very unique and personal thing.

Autographed photos of your favorite personalities make:

Great Home Theater Decorations,

Wonderful Collectibles,

Good Investments,

Perfect Gifts.


Hollywood North uses the services of the ATV Company; experts on celebrity signatures and autographed photos. Albert, the owner of ATV, has an amazing personal collection that was started by his mom back in the 40's! Based in California, ATV is in constant touch with collectors in his pursuit of autograph gold. ATV regularly participates in auctions to up date our offerings here at Hollywood North. The selection of autographed photos from what is available at large is done with great care.
A full Certificate of Authenticity is provided for each and every signature. We're sure you'll be pleased.

Contact us soon. See for yourself what great atmosphere Autographed Photos provide in your Home Theater.
They also make unique and valuable GIFTS for that special someone!

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