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Philips 160 GB Hard Disk and DVD Recorder

1080p HDMI upconversion delivers images that are crystal clear.

Movies in standard definition can now be enjoyed in true high definition resolution -
ensuring more details and more true-to-life pictures.

Progressive Scan (represented by "p" in "1080p') eliminates the line structure
prevalent on TV screens, again ensuring relentlessly sharp images.

To top it off, HDMI makes a direct digital connection that can carry uncompressed digital HD video
as well as digital multichannal audio, without conversions to analog -
delivering perfect picture and sound quality, completely free from noise.

Progressive Scan Component Video doubles the vertical resolution of the image resulting in a noticeably sharper picture.

Instead of sending a field comprising the odd lines to the screen first, followed by the field with the even lines,
both fields are written at one time.

A full image is created instantaneously, using the maximum resolution.

It all happens so fast, your eye perceives a sharper picture with no line structure.


Philips 160 GB Hard Disk and DVD Recorder
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Oppo DV-981HD Universal DVD Player

The DV-981HD is the latest incarnation in Oppo's highly aclaimed line of upconverting DVD players.

It offers an HDMI interface (HDMI Specification 1.1), with HD upconversion ouput resolutions of 720p, 1080i, and full 1080p.

This is Oppo's most full-featured player yet, and as such, it's not a DVD player for people with regular analogue sets.

While the DV-981HD doesn't offer component output, and doesn't output standard or native resolution,
it does represent one of the best (if not the best) upconverting DVD players out there, and it's perfect for
people with HDTVs up to full 1080p who aren't ready to jump on the HD DVD or Blu-ray bandwagen.

In addition to excellent upconversion, the DV-981HD offers playback of a whole host of formats including DVD-Audio, Super Audio CS (SACD),
Audio CDs, HDCD, WMA, Kodak Picture CDs, all version of DivX including DivX6, as well as Xvid, .SRT, .SMI, .IDX, and .SUB file formats.

The DV-981HD outputs audio in stereo or in 5.1 channel surround, either via HDMI, or through the included 5.1 analogue outputs.

Other connections include S-Video out, and digital coaxial and optical audio outs.

It features 24-bit, 192 kHz high resolution audio D/A converters, supports virtual surround in six settings,
and has built-in equalizer, channel trim, and channel delay functions.

Faroudja DCDi Technology
Rather than trying to build their own upconversion technology for this machine, the Oppo DV-981HD the DCDi Faroudja technology
from Genesis Microchips. In addition to upscaling a DVD's native 720x480 interlaced video to 480p, 720p, 1080i, or 1080p,
Farudja technology also detects content that has gone through 3:2 pull down to convert film content to NTSC for video, and
recreates the original frames by blending the fields back together. It then processes for any edit mistakes and reconstrucs
an accurate signal, producing an image free of motion artifacts.

The unique DCDi algorithm can also identify moving edges within an image and adjust interpolation at a pixel level to create
smooth edges for on-screen objects, eliminating the jaggy edges that commonly result from other upconversion techniques.

Faroudja processing also uses a proprietary "TruLife Enhancement" technology to identify transitions in the image considered
to be details such as skin texture, freckles or hair, and enhance those to bring more detail in an image to life on the screen.

This approach avoids image artifacts common with the peaking filter approach used by other systems for detail enhancement.

The Faroudja system uses temporal filtering for noise reduction, and can achieve 6 to 10 dB of Noise reduction without
introducing artifacts or losing sharpness in the image.

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Oppo DV-981HD Universal DVD Player
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Oppo DV-980HD Universal DVD Player

The OPPO DV-980H up-converting DVD player is designed to make your DVD collection look & sound its very best on HDTV.

With support for 1080p displays, 7.1ch audio, USB2.0 & HD-JPEG viewing the unit is engineered to impress.

The unit will play DVD-Video, DVD-Audio, SACD, HDCD, CD, DivX, XviD and much more.

Prepare to be impressed by the OPPO DV-980H universal DVD player.

Continuing the OPPO tradition of exceptional audio/video performance and great value,
the DV-980H delivers a stunning picture and immersing sound for today's home theaters.

Advanced video upconversion technology brings standard definition DVDs to life with 1080p "Full HD" clarity.

Precision rendering from Super Audio CD, DVD-Audio, HDCD and regular CD creates enveloping acoustics with high fidelity.

Complemented with 7.1-channel surround audio, high-resolution picture slide show and a convenient USB 2.0 port,
the DV-980H helps you rediscover the treasures in your home theater.

Oppo DV-980HD Universal DVD Player
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OPPO HM-31 Certified HDMI 1.3 and 1080p Switch

The OPPO HM-31 is a 3 to 1 HDMI switch built with the latest HDMI 1.3 standard.

It maintains the highest video & audio quality with resolution support up to 1080p and 1920x1200 with deep color.

The OPPO HM-31 supports auto-synchronization, remote control, RS-232 and IR control.

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Pinnacle Systems Dazzle DVD Recorder Best Buy Logo

Pinnacle Systems Dazzle
DVD Recorder

Archive your old home movies and recordings to DVD for long-lasting professional results you can enjoy again and again. Capture DVD-quality video from a digital camcorder, VCR or DVD player with composite video or S-video output. High-speed USB 2.0 interface delivers high-quality video. Records video directly to DVD

Panasonic Multiformat Recorder

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Panasonic Multiformat DVD-R/-R DL/-RW/RAM/+R/+R DL/+RW Recorder

Panasonic Multiformat Recorder

Enjoy this DVD recorder's sharp 1080p upconversion of all of your multimedia for vivid pictures and Dolby Digital encoding for lush audio. The Digital High Capacity media slot makes it easy to enjoy photo slide shows on your TV. Build A Home Entertainment Library on DVDs

Pioneer DVD and Laser Disc Player


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