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BigVizion 80-100 inch Rear Screens
BigVizion 80-100 inch Rear Screens

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The 21st Century's Premier Display Monitor / HDTV!

True HD Video Theater, World Communicator and Presentation Center in One!

Ever hear a TV that Sounded great? This one will "Knock Your Sox Off" all by itself!

Startling Sound combined with a Breathtaking High Resolution Picture,
the SpaceSys Monitor/HDTV is all you need to "Suspend Disbelief" at Home NOW from any source.

The SpaceSys Monitor/HDTV can "Join the Staff" as a Smart Electronic Assistant in the Corporate
Board Room or Conference Area. An integral PC enhances the Utility of the
SpaceSys Monitor/HDTV and puts a world of timely information at your disposal.
Wireless Keyboard and Mouse included!
The SpaceSys Monitor/TV was designed to be Your Media Intermediary.

The SpaceSys Monitor/HDTV can be easily ROLLED off to convenient locations or storage,
on it's 3" Deluxe Non-Marring Casters!

The SpaceSys Model Monitor/HDTV is also great for GAMES! ("Just way too Bad")

Plug It In, Turn It On! Designed for Elegant Simplicity and Ease of Operation.
A Complete, Modern, Premium Quality True HD Video Theater,
World Communicator and Presentation Center in One Beautiful Cabinet!



  • Dolby Pro Logic / Digital & DTS Surround
  • 5 X 100 watts per channel for Digital Sound Dynamics
  • Coaxial/Optical Inputs for Digital Sources
  • True Audiophile Sound: Specs @ 1 Meter-
    +3db 30Hz to 20kHz,
    <.5% Harmonic Distortion @ 90db 30Hz to 20kHz
    <.3% I.M. Distortion @ 90db 30Hz to 20kHz
  • 2 - Matching Quality, Bipolar Surround Speakers Included w/ Monster Cable


  • Large, Strong Top Surface supports Other Components
  • Easy to Reach and Read "No Bend Over" Connector/Interface Plates
    w/ RF, Composite, S-Video, YPbPr (Component), HDMI, SVGA, USB 2, Firewire, Ethernet
  • Exclusive "No Brainer" Operation Mode makes Usage Easy for Anyone
  • Anti-Obsolecence "Infinite Upgrade" Modular Construction
  • 5 Year Warranty

Dimensions: 60.5" (width) x 52.5" (height) x 22.7" (depth) Weight: 215 lbs.

Model 6500 B 65" Monitor/HD Television $10,995
Matte Black Cabinet Finish (Pale Silver Front Frame)

Add Options Below to Personalize YOUR SpaceSys Monitor/TV!

Custom Finish Version (Includes Surrrounds) -
"LO Option" - Light Oak
"DE Option" - Dark Oak
"BR Option" - Bank Rosewood
"CH Option" - Cherry
- Any of Above the Finishes Add $495.00
"YR Option" - Match Your Sample Finish Add $595.00

Custom Install Version -
"XP Option" - Includes Hardware and Matte Black, White or Unfinished Front Mask Add $395.00

Smilin Moon R Smilin Moon

Wireless Surround Version -
(Replaces Included Wired Surrounds)
"Z1 Option" - Includes BUILT- IN 2.4 GHz "True Diversity" Surround Sound Transmitter and
2 - 2.4 GHz Receiver/Amplified (100W rms ea.), Bipolar,
Wireless Surround Speakers (Require AC Outlets) Add $1,495.00

Added Convenience -
"DR Option" - Includes BUILT- IN Premium DVD Player/Recorder w/ 160 GB HDD Inconspicuously
Mounted at Convenient Operation Height - allows Real Time Pause, Timer Record, etc. Add $495.00

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