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Rustlers' Rhapsody Credits

Here is an off beat and very funny, but respectful, spoof of the '40s B westerns.
Even Tom Mix and Hoppy would have probably laughed through this one!

Rustlers' Rhapsody Wide Shot Tom Berenger

Tom Berenger appears to have a lot of fun with this 'standard' western story that
includes plenty of tongue in cheek lines that will make You laugh out loud.

Berenger plays Rex O' Herlihan, a trick ridin', gun twirlin', desperado defyin',
guitar playin' , lady killin', matinee idol to hilarious perfection.
I can't imagine anyone else in Hollywood who could have pulled off "Rustlers' Rhapsody".

Rustlers' Rhapsody Town Drunk G.W. Bailey, Tom Berenger

The town drunk, played by G.W. Bailey, tries to put Rex wise to the
local happenings but Rex is hard to surprise.
Rex has been in "dozens of towns with the railroad comin' through".

Rustlers' Rhapsody Girls and Horses, Sela Ward, Tom Berenger, Marilu Henner

Rex is an impeccable dresser preferring white.
His horse Wildflower can dance and his ladies can do a special kind of 'riding'.

Rustlers' Rhapsody The Colonel, Andy Griffith
Andy Griffith does a wonderful job as Colonel Ticonderoga, and rounds out
a talented supporting cast including Fernando Rey, Marilu Henner and Sela Ward.

Rustlers' Rhapsody Credits
Patrick Wayne brings added humor as a competing 'Good Guy' come to
compromise Rexs' hero routine.

The opening of this film on DVD is also a really great Wide Screen and
Surround Sound demo......You'll see what we mean!

Make room for "Rustlers' Rhapsody" next to "Blazing Saddles". - Hollywood Sleeper

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