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Comedy springs from tragedy through out this amazing film.
Exploration of the dark side of clowns is usually a bit depressing but not in this 'must see' movie.

A really perfect blend of Euro and American flavors, this very well crafted film is superb entertainment.
You'll enjoy abundant laughs with a sharp witted edge to enhance them.

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Lee Evans as Jack Parker steals the show with an outstanding performance that You won't soon forget.
This guy is like all of the Marx brothers in one body and is the core and soul of this fun movie.

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Jerry Lewis is just great as the elder George Fawkes and perfectly cast as a celebrity comedian.
The venerable Leslie Caron is also a real treat as Katie.

Peter Chelsom and Peter Flannery seem to have had talented Oliver Platt in mind to portray
the unique character of Tommy Fawkes while writing this wonderful story.

George Carl and Freddie Davies as "The Parker Brothers" also provide an extra dimension of laughter.

A rare movie that keeps its' audience captivated with story and characters, "Funny Bones"
holds out a big surprise for You at the end. - Hollywood Sleeper

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