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3 Performances by Julian Beck

The Other Side"

Special Effects can't hide a great performance!
Even the over the top excess of Poltergeist 2 is worth enduring to see a remarkable character
embodied by Julian Beck as Kane.

Beck makes even a sunny day at the shopping mall seem very spooky.
Julian Beck's scene with Craig T. Nelson through a screen door during a curious summer rain is mesmerizing.
Julian Beck Montage 1
Julian Beck lends a seasoned quality born of many years of stage command.
The special performances by Julian Beck, Will Sampson and Geraldine Fitzgerald graced a potentially excellent sequel.
A much better film may have resulted letting these splendid performances shine and sans the gratuitous FX .


Creeping in and out of the shadows of Francis Ford Coppola's period drama,
Julian Beck plays Sol Weinstein, a very dark hood with a subtle sense of humor.

Julian Beck Montage 2

The Prodigal Son"

The second season 2 hour opener for this popular TV show is a surprisingly good
stand alone movie.

In a small but powerful role, Julian Beck is J.J. Johnston a wise New York bank top executive.

The "ring true" finish is made chillingly real by Beck at his best.

This production also includes remarkable performances by Pam Grier (Jackie Brown),
Gene Simmons (Kiss), Anthony Heald (Silence of the Lambs and Boston Public)
and Penn Jillette (Penn & Teller) among many others.

Julian Beck Montage 3

The characters created by Julian Beck are truly unique.
-Hollywood Sleeper

Julian Beck Photo
Julian Beck 1925-1985

Also in 9 1/2 Weeks as a dinner guest.

From the Encyclopedia:
American theatrical director, actor, and producer, b. New York City.
He married Judith Malina, 1926- , also an American theatrical director, actor, and producer, b. Germany.
Together they founded the Living Theater in 1947, which inaugurated the off-off Broadway movement.

Julian Beck Photo
With Italian Company of the Living Theater

Their productions are highly imaginative and often involve collective improvisation and take an anarchist pacifist viewpoint.
Perhaps their most controversial work is Paradise Now (1968), a free-form critique of American life
that involves nudity and audience participation.
Their other productions include:

  • The Connection (1959)
  • The Brig (1963)
  • Faust Foutu (1960)
  • In the Jungle of the Cities (1960)
  • Antigone (1968)

After Beck's death, the theater continued under the direction of Malina and Hanon Reznikov.

There was also a film adaptation of Sophocles tragedy, "Oedipus Rex" in 1967.

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