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Starring: Natalie Wood, Christopher Walken, Louise Fletcher, Cliff Robertson
With: Jordan Christopher, Donald Hotton, Alan Fudge, Joe Dorsey, Bill Morey
Executive Producers: Rebecca Bloom, Joel L. Freedman, Jack Grossberg
Original Music by James Horner
Screenplay by Philip Frank Messina , Robert Stitzel
Produced by Douglas Trumbull, Associate Richard Yuricich
Cinematography by Richard Yuricich
Directed by Douglas Trumbull
1983 MGM

Brainstorm Photo, Natalie Wood, Christopher WalkenBrainstorm Photo Christopher Walken

Brainstorm Photo, Christopher Walken, Louise FletcherBrainstorm Photo, Cliff Robertson

"BRAINSTORM" is one of those movies surrounded with circumstances that affected our perception of it;
the shocking loss of Natalie Wood during filming, and the tragically ironic plot line dealing with an after death experience.

Brainstorm Photo, Natalie Wood

Mixed reviews upon release have given way over time to a warm place
in the hearts of many Sci-Fi fans and Movie Buffs alike for "Brainstorm", beyond simple cult status.

Brainstorm Photo, Louise Fletcher
The superb performance by Louise Fletcher as Lillian Reynolds

Brainstorm Photo, James Horner Brainstorm Photo, James Horner 2
and James Horner's original score (considered some of his best work)
were Academy Award calibre.

Brainstorm Photo B/W Lobby Card, Cliff Robertson (center - far end)

"Brainstorm" was filmed in dual aspect ratios of 1.85 and 2.35 and
designed to be seen on a very large screen.
Brainstorm Photo (1.85:1)
Scenes in "normal life" are in smaller width to enhance the plot's "brain experience" shot wide.
Brainstorm Photo (2.35:1)

Producer and Director Douglas Trumbull took a cue from "2001: A Space Odyssey"
and intelligently used the "presentation" to help tell the story.

If you've only seen a "full screen" version, formatted to fit TV, you haven't seen the movie.

Brainstorm Photo, Director Douglas Trumbull, Natalie Wood

The production suffered from Natalie's untimely death and no doubt required some hasty rewrites
and a few stand-in shots.

Brainstorm Photo, Director Douglas Trumbull, Natalie Wood

This special movie will always be remembered for Natalie Wood's final performance as Karen Brace:
a perky, intelligent career woman who was also a busy homemaker and forgiving wife.

Now that "Home" theaters provide larger screens with widescreen DVD, and time has healed
the shock and some of the pain from the loss of Natalie Wood,
"Brainstorm" definitely deserves another look.
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