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DVDO Scaler/Switcher w/1080P-60 HDMI



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MSB Technology 8 Channel Preamp

$3,995 - Includes seperate Power Supply and Remote

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MSB MVC Volume Control x 8

MSB Technology’s Multiple Volume Control features discrete volume control over eight channels.

The MVC comes with a microphone for automatic level setting. This feature allows the
user to automatically calibrate all speaker level settings for any listening position by placing
the microphone at that location. When the microphone is plugged in and the user presses
the setup button, pink noise will sound from each of the speakers in sequence. The signal
will start at a low volume and increase until the sound reaching the microphone registers at
the designated level. At this point that speaker’s setting is established and the next speaker
in the sequence begins the process. The automatic level setting feature takes the
guesswork out of calibrating your home theater system. It works for absolutely any listening
position, whether you are in the sweet spot, or right next to the left front speaker.
There is manual level setting as well.

The Multiple Volume Control’s remote learning feature works with or learns your existing
remote control volume and mute functions. This spares the user from the complications
associated with a new remote (i.e. The trouble of having to learn a new remote and then
find it among the clutter on the coffee table each time it is needed).

Digitally adjusted analog voltage controlled amplifiers provide the best of both worlds,
the analog performance you desire combined with digital simplicity, ease of use, and reliability.

MSB MVC Volume Control x 8

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DTS is the future of quality audio. With over 10,000 cinemas worldwide now
equipped with DTS 5.1 digital surround sound systems, it is likely that you have
already experienced this amazing audio technology.

Perfect for home theater and music
DTS is one of two 5.1 digital formats now available. However, it is the only truly
discrete 5.1 multi-channel digital format, and this alone, coupled with its astounding
transparency, makes DTS ideally suited for all music and high quality audio
requirements. Movies will come alive in a way that rivals even the best cinema
sound, and music will simply immerse you, leaving you breathless. This is the
breakthrough that comes along only once every generation, and it is here today for
your very own listening pleasure.

Millennium Technologies makes it affordable
The feature-packed Millennium Technologies Model 2.4.6 DTS decoder preamp
provides 20-bit resolution for 5.1 channels of sound from DVD and music CDs.
With DTS soundtracks, you experience a truly holographic sound with awesome clarity,
imaging, and dynamic range. No noise. No distortion.
Just absolute transparency. It must be heard to be believed.

Designed with the Future in Mind
The Millennium 2.4.6 is fully compatible with CD and LVD and DVD players equipped with
digital outputs. Featuring the Motorola 56009 DSP engine, the 2.4.6 contains a standard
array of features, such as:

The Millennium software is fully upgradable, and contains a proprietary
Re-Equalization circuit. Triple regulated power supplies operate at 12v
DC to insure freedom from noise artifacts, making car, RV, and boat
surround systems possible too.



Technical Features


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MSB Technology DIGITAL DIRECTOR $369.00


Hollywood North Only Price $369.00! (While on SALE!)

Hollywood North is proud to offer You the critically acclaimed MSB Technology LINK DAC III.
It offers 24 bit / 96 kHz professional studio performance for ONLY $369.00 (while on SALE!),
and will immediately improve the sound of your audio system.
The award winning MSB design team has produced high quality D-to-A converters for over ten years.
Enjoy the benefits MSB design experience combined with the value of today’s cutting edge
components at the modest price you expect from MSB Technology.

MSB Technology LINK DAC III $369.00 (While on SALE!)

20 Bit D to A Converter Output

24 Bit D to A Converter Output

The MSB LINK DAC III has the following features:

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Hollywood North Price $369.00 (While on SALE!)


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