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Remote Control Extender, IR to RF Adapter
Around the House Remote Control Extender™

... Simply install the rechargeable battery style transmitter in place of one of the
AAA or AA batteries inside your remote control.

Point the "flying saucer" receiver (or included emitter) toward the components you wish to control.

That's it! You're done! Installation Complete!

Like magic ... you now have upgraded and converted your favorite existing IR remote
to the latest Digital RF remote -- giving you the freedom to go from room-to-room and control
your components up to 100+ feet away!

Whether Your present remote uses AA or AAA batteries, the Around the House Remote Control Extender™
comes with everything You need for immediate successful operation.

You can control your components through walls, floors and doors without direct line-of-sight.

Unlike other "dock-on" type remote control extenders, you don't have to attach a transmitter to the front of your remote control,
nor be limited to a single room as with all older type extenders.

The Around the House Remote Control Extender™ utilizes state-of-the-art, patented technology and works with virtually all
push-button type remote controls.

The "flying saucer" receiver has a built-in recharger and with the extra unit supplied.
You'll always have another long lasting NiCad back-up ready to go!

Model RFSE-418-EB

Remote Control Extender, IR to RF Adapter
Next Generation Remote Control Extender

You may also use two separate systems in the same household without conflict.
Simply order the other available frequency for the second system with extra rechargeable unit supplied.

Model RFSE-433-EB

Next Generation's Patented Transmitter
Have more than one remote you'd like to use? No problem! Add as many transmitters as you need --
all additional transmitters can be used with the single receiver based at your components.

Model RFTB

Next Generation's Triple-Eye  Remote Emitter
Triple-Eye Emitter Tether Cord

More than one component you'd like to control ? Once again no problem ... Next Generation Home Products offers a unique
triple-eye emitter tether cord that works with either unit -- allowing up to 3 components to be as much as 8 feet apart away from
the receiver.

Simply mount each emitter eye next to the specific component or on the entertainment cabinet door facing the component
you want to control from up to 100+ feet away.

Model RFTC

2/3 RF Battery
NGHP 2/3 Rechargeable Battery For RF Transmitters

Remote Control Extender, IR to RF Adapter

Monster Central Universal Remote

The Monster Central Controller uses a unique operating philosophy known as "Activity-Based" control.

Activity control lets you command all your relevant components as a team, with the touch of one button,
rather than controlling individual components one at a time, as conventional remotes do.

Simple to set up - go on line, tell the Monster Central computer what components you've got,
how they're configured, and download the correct codes and sequence information directly into your remote!

It is also a "future proof" system since on line updates keep it on top.

The unit comes complete with a "Dock" to keep it's lithium battery constantly charged.

Our Choice for "Universal" or "Smart" Remotes - It Doesn't Get Any Better or Easier!


MODEL: AV300 Adds RF for ability to affect components through closed cabinet doors or in other rooms,
plus System A, System B feature to control 2 separate systems with one remote, Two users separate favorites memory,
lighting control. Includes IR Blaster.

Monster Central Universal Remote
HOLLYWOOD NORTH PRICE MODEL: MCC AV300 S $549.00. Save $50.00!


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