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Space Lenses use advanced technology, traditional techniques and materials from around the world
combined with an almost fanatical dedication to musical precision,
for sound that is nothing short of amazing.

Space Lense speakers provide the dynamic, richly harmonic and effortlessly detailed sound beyond your expections.
Music and movies become an entirely new experience!

Space Lense speakers produce superior results in sound test chambers.
Human ears however, on perceptive people, in home environments, are our primary test gauges.

Space Lenses are for people who desire magnificent performance, but whose space or style
may clash with typical high performance speaker box size and placement limitations.

Space Lense speakers work in Surround Sound applications as a coordinated ensemble
to generate a seamless ambiance that involves but not distract you from a movie scene.

Space Lense owners tell us often how much they enjoy listening,
and how pleased they are when their friends ask to hear more!
It makes us happy that we didn't compromise.

The following are Very Interesting Facts and Performance Features of all Space Speaker Products.

Space Lense Speakers are the result of many New Technologies, combined with Tried and True principles of sound and music reproduction.

Part of the magic of Space Lense is computer aided circuit design techniques. Our design programs include the data associated with every single component; resulting in all elements of the systems merging with incredible precision and consistency.

Space Lense speakers adhere to an ideal design philosophy: "In the audio signal path, less yields more." Space Lenses minimize the number of crossover points, and types of drive elements necessary to cover the full spectrum of sound, our systems maintain harmonic integrity allowing far more open and realistic sound. This elegant simplicity is possible because of the quality and extended range of the drivers used in Space Lense speakers.

Our Passive Crossover Network elements are the finest grade available.
( In the case of the SpaceSys Prism, ultra wideband, very fast Electronic Crossovers are employed
that are virtually seamless and sonically invisible. )

From France comes the heart of our Frequency Divider or Crossover Network. (The Crossover of course is the circuit that separates the 'highs' from the 'lows' and routes them to the correct drivers.) The capacitors used in all Space Lense crossovers are fast metallized polypropylene, with no long or short term signal aberration. These caps are quite expensive, but well worth it for their sonic smoothness and dead-on accuracy in the performance of fast, high current sound and music pulses.

Imported from Quebec, Canada and formed to our exact specifications, Space Lense crossover coils are wound in a unique way and require 7 strands of insulated copper instead of one. This Hepta-Litz coil design virtually eliminates the slur caused by A.C. to D.C. resistance changes in the coil as frequency increases. The use of computer optimized coil dimensions and "perfect lay" hexagonal windings allows for uncanny music sound stage imaging. These coils help retain dynamic authority and subtle elements of the source material usually lost with conventional designs.

The "Gloria" and "SpaceSys Prism" models are supplied with ultra wideband, very fast Electronic Crossovers pre set with precision fixed value resistors and equally fast, high current, wideband Power Amplifiers that are matched for optimum performance in any venue. This configuration does the "crossover" while the audio signal is small. Our premium chips, operating at incredible speeds, eliminate side effects to make the crossover virtually seamless and sonically invisible. In addition the SpaceSys Prism model is optically coupled eliminating the qualitative aspects of copper wiring.

Also imported from France, the High Frequency Driver (or "Tweeter") is the same in all Space Lense speaker models. Our tweeter is unrivaled in its ability to resolve sounds with startling clarity and realism. The huge magnetic circuit on this component is 3 times larger than most tweeters, its domed sound generating element is concave, allowing for more than twice the smooth dispersion of high frequency sounds through out a room than normal convex designs. Our domes low mass construction of pure etched Titanium and Titanium dioxide, makes it easy to hear the complex air modulations stirred by reed or brass instruments. Sounds seem to emanate from real strings, or human vocal cords rather than from a "speaker".

The SpaceSys prism utilizes a unique version of the tweeter, with a considerably
higher price tag, adding subtle but significant benefits

  • 5 mm thick precision machined solid aluminium face plate with 2Ěpart precision
    machined solid aluminium wave guides
  • Inverted titanium dome, coated foam surround
  • 20 mm diameter voice coil, aluminium former, Ferrofluid cooled
  • Efficiency : 95 dB
  • High force Neodynium ring magnet, Telar 57 pole and plates, phase plug
They are employed in a unique multiple array exclusive to the SpaceSys Prism.

The woofers for all Space Lense speakers are imported from Germany. These phenomenal bass drivers employ precision die cast frames, as opposed to the normal machine stamped baskets. This makes for tighter control in aligning the moving parts of the driver, for maximum signal recovery and rock stable performance.

  1. Aluminum Die Cast Chassis
  2. PVC/Rubber Surround
  3. 3 Layer Diaphragm (see enlargement below)
  4. Spider Suspension
  5. Kapton Bobbin
  6. Flat Edge Wound Voice Coil (see enlargement below)
  7. Precision Pole Plate
  8. Magnet
  9. Precision Pole Assembly

The unique structure of Space Lense bass drivers utilizes Kevlar Hex Cones, that are 70 times stiffer than paper or thermoplastics like Polypropylene! The Kevlar Hex Cone brings us much closer to the ideal true piston, that always moves as a rigid unit, and eliminates fatiguing coloration, caused by normal cone flexing. An additional benefit to this design is 30% less moving mass: Space Lense cones start and stop much faster, and respond to subtle nuances in music often lost. Rare, low bass detail is effortlessly reproduced.

The voice coil, in proximity to the magnet, converts the amplifiers electrical signals into mechanical motion to generate sound. The voice coils used in Space Lenses are heat treated, edge wound flat ribbon wire. It may cost a lot more but this technique minimizes magnetic loses in our drivers and translates more electrical signal into precise motion than the more common round wire type voice coils.

Space Lense draws from a world of resources to deliver un-compromised sound quality. We pride ourselves on our unique blend of the very latest in technology coupled with old world skills and techniques.

Space Lense cabinets are hand crafted and hand finished in Northern California from the finest materials. Each speaker system is then hand assembled and tested by expert craftsmen.

All internal wiring is Monster Cable brand to assure ultimate signal integrity.

The enclosure interior walls are lined with a proprietary blend of high technology damping materials.
Even the enclosure cavity is filled with long hair lambs wool from New Zealand, not fiberglass or foam;
giving Space Lenses the final touch of accurate tone quality.

To assure absolute precision and consistency of manufacture, each system is subjected to a battery of computer run tests
and then listened to again by trained ears.

These are but a few examples of the many innovations and refinements from around the Earth
that make Space Lenses such exhilarating performers!

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