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Arwen Stand Up
491 Arwen - Red Dress
Eowyn Stand Up
493 Eowyn
Arwen Stand Up
492 Arwen - Green Dress

Gandalf the White Stand Up
441 Gandalf the White
Legolas Stand Up
437 Legolas
Gollum Stand Up
436 Gollum
Smeagol Stand Up
440 Smeagol

Both Gollum & Smeagol Available "Talking" in Actual Characters Voice! - Add $14.95

Gandalf the Gray Standup
#398 Gandalf the Gray
Frodo Baggins Standup
#404 Frodo Baggins
Saruman the White Standup
#405 Saruman the White

Aragorn (aka Strider)
#384 Aragorn
(aka Strider)

#406 Merry, Sam, Frodo and Pippin
Legolas and Gimli Standup
#385 Gimli and Legolas

Price $29.95


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