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These Standups are Colorful, quite Realistic and Life-Size, 4 feet to over 6 feet tall.

These Quality Products Retail at $39.95 each Or More.

Hollywood North Price - Only $29.95 each!

They are great Collector's Items and Conversation Pieces.

Perfect for Home Theater Atmosphere, they also make Unique Gifts for Friends and Youngsters.

Standups provide Fun and greatly enhance Theme Parties

These sturdy items stand alone or may be
easily placed on Walls, Doors or even hung from the Ceiling.

All Standups may also be ordered with Play/Record Voice Boxes! (add $14.95)
Record your own message - and automatically playback when someone walks by!

Some Standups like Star Wars Characters, WWF, Elvis, Santa, The 3 Stooges
and others are available with Pre-Recorded Voice Boxes! (add $14.95 each)
The original character's own voice speaks different lines
when motion activated! Includes On/Off switch.

Standups are often available for limited time periods
due to license and contract agreements.

Ideal for Displays and Promotions. Custom Items are also available!
Your own Photos or Art can be Mounted! - Click Here for Details.

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