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Superman II The Richard Donner Cut
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Hooray! An almost miraculous revised cut of Superman II. The pale sequel to the classic "Superman The Movie", Superman II changed
directors in the middle of filming. (Richard Lester took over for Richard Donner midway through the shoot, and in doing so gave the film
a more comical, often silly perspective.)

Richard Donner will now have the final say, incorporating his original but never-used footage including a never-before-seen beginning,
a different ending and 15 minutes of gifted Marlon Brando's scenes that delve deeper into Jor-El's bond with Kal-El, his son Superman.

"Superman II The Richard Donner Cut", is an excellent example of the re-creations made possible by the DVD distribution system,
and joins the likes of "Star Trek - The Motion Picture" (The Director's Edition), brilliantly rescued
in 2001 by the late Robert Wise, as must have Sci-Fi fare.

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Superman Returns Photos
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