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A Change of Attitude

Add 1 SpaceSys WINDOW Model 443D

Compressed Images (To reduce Load Time) are Advertising Simulations and far short of Actual Product Performance

Exciting Technology - Simple Operation

Thousands of Scenes Included!
Also Displays HDTV, Computer (up to SXGA), Games, Etc.

Subtle Changes....All Day!

Background Sound at Your Discretion.

Display Your Videos Too!

Set Your Own Mood Anytime!

SpaceSys WINDOW Model 614D 1365 x 768 Native Resolution (119" X 72" X 4.25") 600lbs. $59,995.00

SpaceSys WINDOW Model 553D 1280 x 768 Native Resolution (99" X 60" X 4.25") 420lbs. $49,995.00

SpaceSys WINDOW Model 443D 1024 x 768 Native Resolution (85.5" X 52" X 4.25") 302lbs $39,995.00

Decorator Frames Match Your Decor. Custom Window Styles and Colors - No Problem.

Only 4.25 Inches Deep Including Frame and Wiring! Easily Mounts on an Existing Wall!
Flush New Construction Hardware Included!

E-Mail or Call (707) 575-1225 Today for More Information and Full Specifications.

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